Major storm events in 2006, 2014 and 2018 flooded the Broadway Blvd./Lomas Blvd. area and the historic neighborhood of Martineztown. A pump station was constructed in the 1960s to move water from heavy storms to the North Diversion Channel via a pressurized pipeline, but it was inadequate. A small detention pond had been built with the cooperation of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority (AMAFCA) in 2006, but was not large enough and was meant to be a temporary flood control measure only. This project has been in the design stages for a number of years in response to those concerns, and is now ready to move forward with several features.


There are several goals for the project:

1)    It should be durable to meet the performance requirements for industrial-type facilities.
2)    It should be low-maintenance.
3)    It should respect the neighboring community in which it resides.

Major Project Features

New Detention Pond

Located just south of Marble Avenue and east of Broadway Boulevard adjacent to the new pump station, the new pond will be 18.5-acre feet – much larger than the existing pond, which is 13-acre feet. It will have a 30-foot deep pump wet well and a 24-foot deep pond to the force main, which carries storm water to the North Diversion Channel. The existing pond, which is located west of Broadway Blvd. and just north of Lomas Blvd., will be filled in.

New Pump Station

The new pump station will be located adjacent to the new detention pond. The old pump station, which is located west of Broadway Blvd. and just south of Granite Ave., will be demolished. The new pump station will include a small building on the northwest corner of the site and will be designed to be attractive as well as compatible with the surrounding businesses and residential neighborhood. The portion of the building visible to the public will feature durable metal cladding in simple geometric shapes to give it visual interest and a modern look and feel. Textures and colors of the metal panels that clad the outside have been carefully chosen to be appropriate to the area. Inside will be one large space that includes ventilation, windows to offer natural daylight as well as show evening lighting and large doors to accommodate movement of electrical equipment and easy access for maintenance staff. The portions of the building not visible to the public will be simple exposed masonry for cost efficiency and durability. Surrounding the building will be parking and staging for maintenance personnel and safety.

Artist’s rendering of the pre-cast concrete wall surrounding portions of the pump station and detention pond.

Architecture, Landscaping and Green Features

The project includes green-screen fencing and pre-cast concrete walls that incorporate custom textures, graphics and colors. The concrete wall design is based on a 20-foot module and the height steps from 8 to 11 feet to add variation and provide a secure perimeter. The wall rolls relative to the sidewalk to help break up its mass and create visual focal points. The walls are meant to tell a story of place that includes major geographic features of the region with graphics representative of the historic identity of the Martineztown and Santa Barbara neighborhoods and Albuquerque as a whole. Textures and patterns across the walls are designed to allow the images to be viewed from many angles.

Artist’s renderings of images featured on pre-cast concrete walls
Artist’s renderings of images featured on pre-cast concrete walls
Artist’s renderings of images featured on pre-cast concrete walls

The walls combine with 8-foot-tall green screen fencing and plantings that allow for a glimpse of the facility while still providing screening. Landscaping will include large deciduous trees, multi-trunk flowering trees, small flowering trees, evergreen/semi-evergreen shrubs and succulents that are designed for our climate. Plantings will be watered by drip irrigation bubblers and will be maintained by the City of Albuquerque.


Example of green fence fencing in use.
Example of green screen fencing.

Sidewalks will be widened from five to six feet, and ADA ramps will be installed at intersections on around the site.  Lighting will be provided for pathways and around the site perimeter for safety.

Artist’s rendering of project lighting.

New Utilities

New storm drainage pipeline will be installed on Broadway Blvd., on Marble Ave., on Arno Ave. and on Lomas Blvd. New sanitary sewer lines will be installed on Broadway Blvd., on Marble Ave., and on Arno Ave. New potable water lines will be installed on Arno Ave.


More Info

Click here to see a detailed plan for the Wall Elevations

Click here to see a detailed Wall Layout Plan

Click here to see where new sidewalks, ADA ramps, landscaping and lighting will be installed

Click here to see where new water, sanitary sewer and storm drainage pipelines will be installed

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